stainless steel braided brake lines - how many?

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Mon Mar 20 14:27:11 EST 2006

On 3/20/06, Phil Rose <pjrose at> wrote:
> At 10:52 AM -0700 3/20/06, Kenneth Keith wrote:
> >Hello,
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> >I'm collecting the final parts to put budget big brakes on my 200q20v.
> >  I have rotors, brackets, calipers, pads, anti-squeal discs, and
> >mounting bolts & washers.  Now I'm looking to get some DOT-approved
> >stainless steel braided brake lines.  (what else do I need? I didn't
> >get pad sensors, for example)
> >
> >Does anyone know why there is a 6 piece kit listed for 200's and only
> >a 4 piece kit listed for ur-S4's?
> >
> >
> >
> >Thanks,
> Ken,
> What are your "budget big brakes"? What calipers, bracket, rotor are you using?

Porsche "big black" 928gts calipers, Audi RS2 brackets, Audi A8L
rotors, and G60-style strut housings.

> Anyway, you'll presumably need _custom_ lines up front, so I wonder
> why are you looking at any braided lines that Paragon Perf is
> specifying for _stock_ brakes (the Paragon listing of 6-pc lines
> seems to be for the stock 200 brakes!) And I wonder how they offer
> one kit for '89-91 200, since the '91 200 (UFO) would be different
> from '89 & '90--right?--In any case, the stock brakes do use a short
> piece of solid line up front, which I assume is where the "extra" 2
> pieces are used(?)  I'd advise you to go slow on this aspect of the
> brake project: make certain you get the  line-lengths and
> end-fittings (!) that are appropriate--especially for that _front_
> caliper setup.

Yes, I do want to make very sure I have all the right stuff before
starting the install.  I have had feedback indicating that I can use
the stock brake lines for the conversion.  If that is true, then I
want to either get stainless steel braided lines, or new OEM ones.

I agree that UFO brakes could have a different line.  I have G60's, so
I think I might be able to use lines that are for any G60-based type
44 or ur-S-car.  However there are different kits listed for type 44's
and ur-S-cars.

I'm not familiar with that short solid piece of line you mention. 
I'll have to take a look at that.  I thought the extra hoses might be
on a subframe or something, maybe a proportioning valve on the rear or
something.  I'll visually inspect what I have going on.  I was hoping
someone had the story that could respond specifically about the 6
piece kit. (I do appreciate any replies.)

> I made my own front SS lines (of course non-DOT) using  bulk braided
> hose and fittings purchased from American Street Rod. I use braided
> SS lines for fronts-only (BIRA Sys 3 using Porsche Carerra 996
> calipers).  Working with the SS braid is a bitch especially if you
> neglect to buy the special tool.  The DIY parts for just the front
> lines (plus cost of special braid tool) would be approx $70-80.

This is one area where I lean towards commercially available
application specific offerings.  I don't mind paying the market price
for professionally made lines if they are available off-the-shelf.

> So...If you can buy a _good_ pre-made set of four SS lines for
> anything under or even somewhat above $100 (especially for DOT) then
> it could be well worth it to do so, IMHO. Just keep in mind that some
> people have been burned in the past by purchasing prefab sets that
> have incorrect lengths and/or wrong type of fitting (e.g., the
> incorrect fitting seat/seal or angle). The kit that Paragon offers
> for the ur-S4 with Porsche calipers might work for you--although IME
> a 16" length would somewhat excessive (by about 1") for the front
> lines in my set up. YMMV.

Yes, I'm certainly looking to not get burned. =)  What I'd really like
to hear about is someone who's done this particular brake conversion
successfully, so I can just use the same or comparable parts.



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