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I use nitrogen instead of compressed air for a lot of applications for
various reasons, usually to prevent or control the adverse effects of
oxygen and it is generally more steady in impurities and humidity seems like serious overkill for passenger car
race cars or planes use nitrogen in tires?

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TooManyAudis at wrote:
> This is  common practice in the aerospace business to use nitrogen in
> airplane tires  for many years.
> Costco is also filling new tires with nitrogen as a example  in the
> automotive market, there may be other tire outlets as well doing 
> this. So, what happens when you need to add some more air 
> (nitrogen) to the  tires?   Do you have to got to Costco to get it
> topped off with  Nitrogen?  

The last time I got tires, the local tire store offered a Nitrogen 
fill for $5/tire, guaranteed for the life of the tire.  You had to 
go back to them for refills, and there may have been other 
conditions (like having them check the tire pressure every x 
weeks). I politely passed on it, since I knew I'd need air while 
away from their store.

Kent McLean
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