Airbag Light

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The other symptom many of us see is the airbag
light that takes up to a minute to go off. This is mainly
due to the deterioration of the ni-cad battery pack
that provides temporary power to the ignition 
circuit in the event the main battery power is
lost just prior to the crash.

I have often thought of hand building up such a module, but
never "gotten around to it" given the continuous stream
of higher priority projects available.

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> Michael Palatas wrote:
> > Mine just came on for the first time @ 103K.  I have read 
> > somewhere that the airbag module is supposed to get 
> > replaced every 10 years.  
> I haven't seen anyone step up to address this Q, so I'll
> give it a shot, based solely on memory of what I read
> on the quattro list. IIRC, Audi re-evaluated the 10-year 
> number and changed it to 14? years.  The light itself 
> comes on typically due to a contact ring inside the 
> steering wheel becoming worn or corroded with age.
> (I think the sensor system looks for some voltage or
> resistance, and when it drops below that number,
> it triggers the light.)  The warning light can be reset 
> with the VAG-COM or similar tool. I think some people 
> have cleaned or replaced the ring, but the manual 
> givea many warnings about the dangers of accidently
> setting off the air bag.  HTH.
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