rear window inoperatable

Henry A Harper III hah at
Sat Mar 25 18:34:38 EST 2006

> Could be either switch, inasmuch as they are in series. Check your wiring
> diagram.

> > My rear driver side window will not move. When I've had a
> switch go bad I
> > could at least use the front controls to raise it. Regulator problem?

You'll also find on the wiring diagram that all the window current paths
pass through the driver's door switch panel as well as the hinge area which
is notorious (yes, I said notorious) for wiring breaks caused by fatigue -
since that door sees the most open/close cycles. Since you didn't say you
have replaced the driver's door hinge wires, I am going to suggest you pull
back the "accordion" that is exposed when the door is open and take a look.
That's the prime suspect for any funny business with anything with wiring in
the doors - windows, mirrors, alarm, lock pump, etc. I even had the sunroof
stop working when the ground wire to the window/sunroof timed control relay
broke on my car.


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