Chuck's Strut Tower Bar

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Mon Mar 27 01:44:51 EST 2006

I have two bars still available. The fact that the bar can put pressure 
on the towers to return something close to a stock
position is pretty good. I am reposting Ted's post on what it has done 
for his car.

Got one of Chuck's strut bars and put it on the 200 Avant wagon. The bar 
is very robust and the jackscrew allows for very fine adjustments. The 
jack screws looks just like the ones on the Nissan 350Z. Clever way to 
handle the differences in mounting that older cars will have and so much 
better than the slide mounts I usually see. I used the jackscrews to put 
some pressure on the strut towers and was actually able to flattened out 
the stress buckle on the passengers side. The best news of all was when 
I had the car aligned. For the first time in ten years I was able to get 
the camber brought within factory specs. Should be no more problems with 
the front tires only lasting 10-15K before they have to be replaced.


He was able to take a couple of weeks and apply pressure through the bar 
and push his passenger side tower out.
The crease from it (the passenger side strut tower) coming in has been 
pulled out and is now gone.

Let me know if you would like to see any pictures

Chuck Pierce
200tq 20V Avant

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