distributor swap - 7A & 3B

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The single window hall sensor does not really indicate the engine has knock
sensing, and is also used on the earler Ur Quattros without knock sensing.
Also, the later NG/NG have 5 window hall sensor and knock sensing too.


It has more to do with the use of the flywheel sensors that identify Top
Dead Center and count number of teeth - RPM and Speed sensors.  These are
synchronised with the single window hall signal.


Except for the wheel, the distributors are more or less the same - some use
a vacuum advance and some don't and the sonnector style, cap and rotor
change - so they can have more part numbers I suppose.


Anyway, the upshot of this is that the 3B and 7A distributors are
interchangeable and pretty much identical.




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Actually, that's incorrect.  7A's have knock sensing ignition too, and
therefore use a single window hall sensor setup.




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> > Does anyone know if a distributor from a 3B engine can be  be used 

> > in a 7a engine?

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