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Thu Mar 30 23:00:17 EST 2006

I want to think everyone who commented on my distributor swap question.
The reason for the question was to see if a friends 90 20v car had a bad
distrubutor by trying the one from my 200q20t.

Unfortuanility the 90 did not start.  However I did get a chance to
install Bernie's/Derric's bronze gear that I bought back a few years ago
and never installed until today.  My plastic gear actually still looked
pretty good but I figured it was time.

The 90 distributor hall sensor connector had apparently been broken for a
while (not starting on wet mornings).  The broken connector had let water
into the distributor.  Since the distributor swap did not solve the
starting problem (no spark) we are now wondering if the MPI controler is
bad but I do not have the VAG 1598 tester.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

> Yes, been doing so since the gear GB.
> Bernie
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>> Subject: distributor swap
>> Does anyone know if a distributor from a 3B engine can be  be used in a 7a
>> engine?
>> Thanks
>> Les
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