distributor rattle?

CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 31 15:06:18 EST 2006

--- Bernie Benz <b.benz at charter.net> wrote:

> This distributor does not have a
> mechanical wear problem apt to cause failure,
> especially with a metal gear.

thanks Bernie, that's what I suspected.  

He heard the rattle before he began the timing belt
procedure, so I'm hoping the TB tension issue was due
to age.  The mechanic is not well versed in the 3B
engine but is in the middle of an ersatz S2 conversion
from a pearl avant and has another 20020v sedan in the
lot which he just did a timing belt on and is selling.
 I figured he had enough experience to work on my
timing belt.

Fingers crossed,


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