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Fri Mar 31 16:03:50 EST 2006

Do you guy know, I cant seem to rember, What material is the 7a gear made of? We have one here at the shop, and has a metal one. Could i not take that gear and put in place of my 3b one?
Andy Schlueter
'91 200qt20v Avant


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I replaced the plastic gear on my '91 200 at 230,000 miles.  When I went to
pull the old plastic gear off the shaft, it literally disintegrated in my
fingers.  All the teeth simply turned into small bits and powder. I can't
imagine that I could have gone another ten miles on it. With the new metal
gear, performance was much tighter. It was clear that the worn teeth
introduced a timing offset and rattle that effected performance.

George Sidman
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