Oil Pressure Gauge Head's Up

Kerry Griffith i2k at xmission.com
Fri Mar 31 21:07:09 EST 2006

No, I haven't installed a "heads up"display for my gauges. However, at 
least with my car, the oil pressure gauge reads normal pressure even 
with the oil two quarts low.
I became complacent after checking my oil level religiously for years, 
and finding nary a drop consumed. Today I took the car outside to wash 
it, and fortunately left it running while I got out for a moment. I 
immediately heard hydraulic lifter clicking, turned the car off, and 
found the oil level to be down at least two quarts- I don't know 
exactly because I only had 1 1/2, so I'll know after I purchase more 
Don't be foolish like me and assume that a. your car will always run 
the way it has for years and b. check your oil- the pressure (and temp) 
gauges must not change until dire emergency occurs.

'91 200q with mysterious sudden oil consumption

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