Window lift usual suspects?

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Sat May 6 21:59:27 EDT 2006

with you on most points, though the switch does more than reverse voltage 
polarity via the switch, or there would be no need for 2 separate sources 
for 12V going into @ switch?  Got you on the power going through 2 switches 
for each window, drivers switch and local switch. Needed to get the window 
up from down position, with swich only working in down direction. As door 
panel was off, simply slid out the motor leads from the switch harness and 
reversed and used the down action to raise the window.  This also reversed 
the motion of the drivers switch for the window.  I'll crack the drivers 
switch tomorrow and hope for the best. Now to get the Bose speaker repaired 
while the doors apart!

>The switches do go funky or sometimes hard bad. They can be taken apart,
>cleaned and the contact pressure increased on the funky side.
>These switches are 2 pole double throw center off configuration, reversing
>the applied voltage polarity, +12 and Gnd, to the motor, for up vs. down.
>Thus, when either of the two switches in series is activated, both +12 and
>ground are transferred thru the inactivated switch and to the motor with 
>proper polarity. somewhat similar to a 3 way house lighting switch circuit
>but with center off and polarity reversal added. The Bentley diagram makes
>sense if you dink with them using your DVM.

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