Window lift usual suspects?

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Sun May 7 10:39:26 EDT 2006

>You can temporary use one of the other window switches to replace the one  
>Pete 91 Avant

Agreed, this is how I determined a bad regulator. but given the on again off 
again nature of these switches,  I took Bernies road and took them apart to 
clean/swap.  While V8 the switches resemble the later models, they are 
different enough to be a PITA to R&R if you're not clued in.  I used 
switches for an S6 I think.  Hint, if the "rocker hinge" of the switch goes 
through to out side of switch body, i.e. can be seen from the side, you can 
just pry the switch innards out from the bottom ala 5000.  If not, you must 
first remove the up/down rocker as it "locks" in the innards of the switch 
and will not allow the usual pry out removal.  All seems well with cleaned 

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