Alternator going bad?

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Wed May 10 05:41:07 EDT 2006


I believe your alternator windings are gone. I had  similar experience,
a year after replacing the brushes/regulator, the alternator failed
on a day in pouring rain, I suspect the extra moisture had something
to do with providing the final straw.

Swapping another regulator did not fix it....swapping in a complete rebuild
The local FLAPS  had a Bosch type for $140 delivered to the local store the
next day,
it was the cheapest-quickest alternative, and this fixed the problem.


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> Peter, unfortunately I don't remember the brand, it failed during a major
> cold blizzard and I picked up the part at Metric Foreign Auto at the
request of
> Anderson Motor Sports and put my deep cycle boat battery's on jumper
> and limped out to Anderson's and they popped it in. You would  think with
> 60k on it, it would still be good.
> Pete
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