Bose Amps

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Wed May 10 12:43:01 EDT 2006

Thanks Derek,
Brett has not chosen to grace me with a response despite several
direct and indirect inquiries.  With the prevalence of the Bose car
systems, I found a great write up and schematics on the Corvette ZR1
registry. (I owe these guys a beer!)  I too butchered my board, but it
worked out fine.  I chiseled the goo!  The second one should go smoother.
Amazing how good the system sounds for its age and lack of separate
components!  There are a few who just swap the front and rear amps
indiscriminately, which would work, but reading the schematics you can tell
there should be an audible difference.  I spent ~ $6.50 for the parts and 1
hour and many swear words later was back in business.  Really need a 3rd
hand or a nice hobby/electronic vice to save on the swearing!

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