anyone have stock pads they can measure?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed May 10 18:48:56 EDT 2006

Porterfield makes both an R4 and R4S ("street") pad, however- both  
come from Porterfield with a flat face and will NOT fit, even if you  
take the caliper off.  This was despite the assurances of the  
distributor I ordered them from that "Porterfield typically leaves  
the race pads unbevelled, but the street ones should be."

Once you bevel the edges, they fit in just fine, so the center  
thickness is correct (or about as thick as you could possibly go.)   
Does anyone have measurements on a set of new OEM pads for a guide as  
to exactly how much I need to remove?  I assume the OEM pads are  
bevelled, so what would be helpful are  measurements of:

-backing plate to pad surface, center
-backing plate to pad surface, edges
-edge of pad to where the bevel stops


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