stock pads

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed May 10 20:40:41 EDT 2006

On May 10, 2006, at 8:08 PM, Mike Del Tergo wrote:

> My stock Mintex as provided by Audiconnection

Mintex aren't OEM pads, but thanks for the reference to compare  
to...also, Mintex makes a UFO pad?  Street, autox, or track/race?

I'm hoping the R4S is as nice a street pad as the R4 was a track pad...

> BAcking plate to pad surface center 16.25 mm (incl backing plate  
> "bubble" 20.55mm)

Hmm..looking at the pads I have- one is 16.2MM, the other is 15.2MM.

I wonder if these pads are "correct" and the R4 pads I received back  
in October were too thick?

I guess I'll find out when I go to put these on...but the R4 pads  
were -way- too thick and interfered with putting the rotor on the  
car...and I tried just about everything, including removing the  
caliper from the car at the suggestion of the dealer tech that was on- 
site.  Never had to do that with stock pads- they just popped/dropped  


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