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Porterfield makes their pads in batches. And considering that the run rate 
on our application is pretty low (relatively speaking) they probably make 
smallish batches. I once received a set of pads that they'd made a mistake 
on...wrong backing they would not fit at all. My subsequent 
conversation w/ them revealed my limited insight into their production. So, 
some variability between batches could be expected although I would contend 
that quality control should be stepped up.

The whole "beveled" pad shape that you see makes no sense to me. I trust 
that you measurements are correct. But there is absolutely no reason why the 
center of the pad should be thicker than the edges. I've see a little 
bevelling at the very edges of pads before....but to have the thickness of a 
pad vary ALL the way from edge to center seems like it would have to be a 

I should mention that Porterfield did "make things right" after their error 
w/ backing plates.

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> On May 10, 2006, at 8:08 PM, Mike Del Tergo wrote:
>> My stock Mintex as provided by Audiconnection
> Mintex aren't OEM pads, but thanks for the reference to compare
> to...also, Mintex makes a UFO pad?  Street, autox, or track/race?
> I'm hoping the R4S is as nice a street pad as the R4 was a track pad...
>> BAcking plate to pad surface center 16.25 mm (incl backing plate
>> "bubble" 20.55mm)
> Hmm..looking at the pads I have- one is 16.2MM, the other is 15.2MM.
> I wonder if these pads are "correct" and the R4 pads I received back
> in October were too thick?
> I guess I'll find out when I go to put these on...but the R4 pads
> were -way- too thick and interfered with putting the rotor on the
> car...and I tried just about everything, including removing the
> caliper from the car at the suggestion of the dealer tech that was on-
> site.  Never had to do that with stock pads- they just popped/dropped
> on.
> Brett
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