stock pads

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu May 11 00:27:05 EDT 2006

On May 10, 2006, at 11:23 PM, Patrick Anderson wrote:

> So, some variability between batches could be expected although I  
> would contend that quality control should be stepped up.

Given what Porterfield charges, I'd say that is an understatement.

> The whole "beveled" pad shape that you see makes no sense to me. I  
> trust that you measurements are correct. But there is absolutely no  
> reason why the center of the pad should be thicker than the edges.

Well, if you try to fit a pad that is overall too thick, on a UFO  
brake setup the pad will collide with the inside edge of the rotor at  
the corners as you try to reinstall the rotor over the "outboard" pad.

> I've see a little bevelling at the very edges of pads before....but  
> to have the thickness of a pad vary ALL the way from edge to center  
> seems like it would have to be a mistake.

They weren't bevelled at all- the surface was flat.  I had to bevel  
them to make them fit, by perhaps 2-3MM.  That is a substantial error  
on a pad that has what...10-12MM of material on it?

> I should mention that Porterfield did "make things right" after  
> their error w/ backing plates.

Well, in my case- there wasn't any way for them to make right, as I  
discovered the problem about 30 minutes before my first rungroup.   
Missed at least  a half hour of track time at the ONE event I  
attended last year...


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