No CAT?!?!

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Fri May 12 12:36:38 EDT 2006

Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
> On May 11, 2006, at 1:09 AM, Adam Gratz wrote:
> > Do not need to run CATs here in Hawaii. I know a few of you have
> > done the
> > down pipe back without the CATs. Where did you find your parts?
> feel that you have no responsibility as someone who breathes
> the same air as the rest of us to slap $200 in parts on your car to
> keep it from polluting?

Apparently it's the whole state that doesn't feel responsible.  It's
said that smog on Hawaii isn't a problem, because "it just blows
away," so they don't bother with it.  I guess the abundancy mentality
out there includes clean air.

It sounds like to be responsible everyone should have cats on their
cars, even those that are old enough to not need them by law.  Isn't
that like driving 55 on the autobahn, because it's the speed limit in
other places?  =)

We can all do more by abandoning our regular gas motors and going
hybrid, or biodiesel/wvo/svo.  They don't have any of the fuel here in
AZ, but Flexible Fuel vehicles that run E85 are on the market.

> Seriously- what the hell?  Buy a set of cheap cats from Autosound.
> Didn't someone just post a link to the exact fitment needed for our
> cars?

I thought he was asking for a set of test pipes, not cats.  Why would
he replace his undamaged oem 140k cats with some new Autosound ones?
Unless maybe he's going to buy them to hollow them out and put them
on?  =D  Okay, I knew what you meant; I'm just kidding.  My car is
still catted, btw.



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