Cruise Control Problems

Joseph W. Mott mottcom at
Sun May 14 18:43:22 EDT 2006

Wondering if anyone has BTDT w/ cruise control problems on a '91 Avant.
I've checked fuses, tested the throttle servo w/ vacuum, tested the
brake and clutch switches to ensure they hold vacuum and dump vacuum
when depressed.  I teed the line from the pump and it makes slight
vacuum when setting cruise or hitting resume, but not much.  I'd go
through the test procedure in the Bentley book, but I can't even find
the damn cruise ECU control unit, and the manual (section 97) is not
much help other than it's looks like it's somewhere under the dash on
the passenger side..  It has to be the worst over-$100 manual ever
My wife has a bad knee and needs the cruise.  She's gonna give me one if
I don't get this fixed?  Any suggestions?
Joe Mott
'91 200TQ Avant

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