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Mon May 15 20:15:39 EDT 2006

Thank you, and thank you.

I think I'll have to investigate the removing/moving pump option and go from 
there.  Otherwise I was thinking it might help to remove the 
intercooler...but to get there is quite a few steps.

And the I imagine the benefit from "infinetely easier" may just be 

Derek P
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>At 2:48 PM -0700 5/15/06, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>>Has anybody had success with changing the thermostat when not also doing 
>>t-belt?  I got chinsey last time and didn't change the thermostat at the
>>last t-belt interval, now it appears that thermostat is not working right. 
>>I've got a new multi-function sensor in, and the temp. gauge only gets up 
>>standard operating temparture after I've been sitting in traffic...usually
>>barely makes it way off the bottom of the meter.
>>I remember in the past having to get in to the housing to tighten the 
>>around the thermostat, and remember just tightening those bolts was a big
>>p.i.a.  So any luck by anyone changing the thermostat?  Any special things
>>you removed to help access  (timing belts, t-belt covers, and water pumps
>>not included)?
>I seem to recall doing mine when the PS pump was off for a rebuild. In fact 
>I just found a 12/98 posting I wrote to Chris Miller, in which I said the 
>At 10:08 PM -0400 12/1/98, Phil and Judy Rose wrote:
>>I've just replaced the thermostat, which is infinitely easier to reach 
>>when the PS pump is removed. The thermostat was pretty easy to do, once I 
>>acquired some 1/4" metric sockets. It turns out that the lower of the two 
>>10mm bolts holding the thermostat cover is *very* hard to reach with 
>>standard wrenches. And there's just no room to fit in  a 3/8" ratchet w/ 
>>10mm socket. But a 1/4" ratchet handle _will_ fit. The problem is that the 
>>radiator is too close--at least on my car. Tolerances my be loose enough 
>>so that other cars could give an extra 1/8 or 1/4", which would allow a 
>>3/8" ratchet drive in there.
>So--depending on how important "infinitely easier" actually is-- you might 
>leave all hydr. hoses connected-- just slacken the drive belt and pull the 
>pump out and away as far as possible.
>Phil Rose
>Rochester, NY
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