Changing Thermostat...

Eric_R_Kissell at Eric_R_Kissell at
Mon May 15 18:41:47 EDT 2006

ISTR changing the thermostat by itself.  I am trying to recall if the
radiator was out when I did it, though.

Sorry, poor memory.  I believe the tool of choice was my 1/4" Microdrive
(MAC tools) ratchet wrench with a combination of socket, 3" extension and
deepwell socket. Mix and match these until you get the bolts out.  The
Microdrive series of socket wrenches are sweet. I picked mine up on Ebay
several years ago. They are more streamlined with smaller heads and the
ratchet gears have more teeth for smaller distances between clicks.

I would have had to do something with the hydraulic pump, but I did not
completely remove it or break open any connections.

Wow - my memory is poor. Maybe tat suggest it was a normal PITA Audi repair
and not something on the higher plain of near impossibility.


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