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Kenneth Keith auditude at
Tue May 16 12:17:30 EDT 2006

A word of warning when trying to move the pump out of the way with the
hoses connected.  I did this on my Coupe quattro to change the
thermostat (actually, talking about chintzy, I was only replacing the
o-ring), which is about as crowded as a 3B is.  I undid it at the
bracket and moved the PS pump out of the way, and in doing so I
inadvertently loosened one of the banjo bolts and it leaked at a
fitting by the firewall.  I tightened that up only to blow the crusty,
rusty hose while driving it and had to tow it home.  I ended up
replacing the hydraulic hose with a junkyard one.

Just keep in mind if your hoses are all old and rusty, that they may
not want to be flexed very much.  It might be better to unbolt the
hoses at the pump or something rather than disturbing the hoses, if
you are comfortable with leaving the hoses like that instead of
replacing them.  Another approach might be to wrestle with everything
and replace anything that breaks while you are not on the road.

I will say that getting the PS pump out of the way seems to be the
best approach for thermostat R&R, perhaps MFTS too.



"Derek Pulvino" <dbpulvino at> wrote:
> Thank you, and thank you.
> I think I'll have to investigate the removing/moving pump option and go from
> there.  Otherwise I was thinking it might help to remove the
> intercooler...but to get there is quite a few steps.
> And the I imagine the benefit from "infinetely easier" may just be
> immeasurable.
> Derek P
> >At 2:48 PM -0700 5/15/06, Derek Pulvino wrote:
> >>Has anybody had success with changing the thermostat when not also doing
> >>the
> >>t-belt?  I got chinsey last time and didn't change the thermostat at the
> >>last t-belt interval, now it appears that thermostat is not working right.
> >>I've got a new multi-function sensor in, and the temp. gauge only gets up
> >>to
> >>standard operating temparture after I've been sitting in traffic...usually
> >>barely makes it way off the bottom of the meter.
> >>
> >>I remember in the past having to get in to the housing to tighten the
> >>bolts
> >>around the thermostat, and remember just tightening those bolts was a big
> >>p.i.a.  So any luck by anyone changing the thermostat?  Any special things
> >>you removed to help access  (timing belts, t-belt covers, and water pumps
> >>not included)?
> >
> >I seem to recall doing mine when the PS pump was off for a rebuild. In fact
> >I just found a 12/98 posting I wrote to Chris Miller, in which I said the
> >following:
> >
> >At 10:08 PM -0400 12/1/98, Phil and Judy Rose wrote:
> >>
> >>I've just replaced the thermostat, which is infinitely easier to reach
> >>when the PS pump is removed. The thermostat was pretty easy to do, once I
> >>acquired some 1/4" metric sockets. It turns out that the lower of the two
> >>10mm bolts holding the thermostat cover is *very* hard to reach with
> >>standard wrenches. And there's just no room to fit in  a 3/8" ratchet w/
> >>10mm socket. But a 1/4" ratchet handle _will_ fit. The problem is that the
> >>radiator is too close--at least on my car. Tolerances my be loose enough
> >>so that other cars could give an extra 1/8 or 1/4", which would allow a
> >>3/8" ratchet drive in there.
> >
> >So--depending on how important "infinitely easier" actually is-- you might
> >leave all hydr. hoses connected-- just slacken the drive belt and pull the
> >pump out and away as far as possible.
> >
> >Phil

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