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Huppert, Eric eric.huppert at
Thu May 18 07:23:28 EDT 2006


My recent acquisition of a 200 20v coincided with some minor surgery and the
resulting two weeks covalescent leave! Perfect! 

As a fairly experienced (by BTDT)and meticulous (read anal) 10 valve owner
i'm stepping into some new areas with the 20 valve! 

Anyway, i'm somewhat puzzled here. Upon starting the car it's fine for about
1 minute, then start getting a light oil smoke out the exhaust. Almost always
does it... But, if you drive it a little bit it seems to clear up. 

Spark plugs do not have excesive oil deposits, do not believe it's rings or
valve seals. Pulled Intercooler hose, not really much oil there either.
Cleaned intake, intercooler etc. with TB cleaner.

Yep, changed the oil hoping oil had thinned out! (Nice try!) 

Need to do a compression check, but bad rings would smoke on acceleration...

Already been through the vacuam hoses (FPR hose was defunct) ran diagnostics
(Install CE bulb)  

Thinking turbo hot side oil seal???


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