Changing Thermostat...

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Will take a gander...I know I replaced a similar, short, small-diameter hose 
run two t-belts ago, but can't remember if that hose was on the intake or 
exhaust side of the head.

Derek P

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>Worthy of mention I believe.....If you do go the "removing PS  pump method"
>to get at the t-stat, while the pump is out you can access a  small 
>coolant hose about 6" long running from the water collector to a  hard line
>going to the turbo. If you don't know it's age I recommend it be  changed. 
>After a
>spirited Sunday morning drive recently, mine went bang, luckily  while 
>in the driveway. The only way to get to it was by removing the PS  pump.
>Gates coolant hose # 18030 is of comparable diameter, and a bit thicker  
>just cut the bend off.
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