plug wire issue

andyschlueter andyschlueter at
Sat May 20 12:50:13 EDT 2006

i just got my new bosch wires in. turns out they are too short and match the
7a plug wire length. so i went to bosch's web site to check part numbers and
turns out bosch lists the 7a and 3b plug wires with the same part number.
what to do.
here are the lengths as i found in another post
>FWIW, ETKA lists the following lengths:
>#1 = 760mm
>#2&3 = 600mm
>#4&5 = 440 mm
>#1 = 880mm
>#2 = 760mm
>#3 = 700mm
>#4 = 580mm
>#5 = 500mm
I mesured mine an found i have the 7a lengths and not the 3b.

Andrew W. Schlueter

'91 Audi 200tq20v Avant <> 


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