plug wire issue

Henry A Harper III hah at
Sat May 20 18:21:18 EDT 2006

> That, sadly, is an old, old problem often mentioned on this
> list...and  is why no one (with a 3B) should try to order the Bosch
> wires. The "specified" Bosch part #  for 3B wires is consistently not
> the correct size for the 3B. You can't fight city hall...or Bosch's
> teutonic rigidity.
> There are various alternatives that people have used--I believe
> Magnecor sells a set that works in the 3B, and last time I checked
> there was a set (Beru?) available from Blau (which is the option I
> took).

Bremi also makes a set that is working well for me - if your WoldPac/local
guy can't get them, I got mine from Rick at (local to


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