Thanks and re:Disposing of beloved 200q

Kerry Griffith i2k at
Sat May 20 20:41:52 EDT 2006

Thank you very much to all who've contacted me off-list with valuable 
information. As it's been for years, this list is a uniquely valuable 
source of information from remarkable knowledgeable, friendly and 
patient enthusiasts.
Just to update everyone, I'd prefer to dispose of the car as-is for a 
fair (to you) price. Needless to say, you'd be welcome to contact my 
tech to confirm that I've been typically obsessive in maintenance, both 
preventive and necessary. I've got all records from new (including the 
somewhat amusing notes on Mobil 1 from the original owner- not to annoy 
the dino lovers, but I believe a steady M1 diet contributed to the 
amazing tightness/mileage of the motor).
FYI, There's a set of S6 summer rolling stock and original BBS winter 
If no one wants to deal with transport of the intact car, I'll see if 
it's worth it to have my tech pull the desirable parts and deal with 
I hope this doesn't come under the category of spam- it's meant to 
demonstrate my (exhausted) enthusiasm and be an FYI.

Best Regards,

God Rest the King- may it live again.

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