Cruise Control Problems

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Sun May 21 02:21:32 EDT 2006

Following up on this string here.
My CC hadn't worked for some time, finally went through the trouble shooting
recommended here, and found it all worked just fine, no faults or defects
Until I realized when I was compressing the servo bellows that the rod
connected to the throttle body wasn't connected to the servo.  Big duh!here
for the dummy  :-)
Seems the plastic insert into the metal fitting on top of the bellows had
broken, allowing the bellows to pull down, without pulling the throttle body
The fix is to buy a Volkswagen or Audi servo bellows from an auto yard,
cheap, and exchange the bellows assembly with your original connector rod,
and reinstall.  Or, have your "Tim the Toolman" neighbor fabricate a new
slotted washer for the assembly.
Hope this makes sense, its hard to see the connector rod to bellows
connection up under the intake manifold.  If everything else checks out on
your CC, take a look just in case you missed this mechanical component.  I
sure did.
Hope this helps, Gary Anderson

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I'm pretty sure the vacuum pump on any type 44 has no connection to the CC 
system.  It's all engine vacuum.
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>I probably have the weak pump issue as well on my 230k Avant.
> I also have an issue with the climate control, another CC... sometimes it
> will not blow A/C from the center vents.  It will switch to those when I 
> go
> to Econ, but even BI-LEV won't switch to the center vents completely.  I
> wonder if this could also be related to the weak vacuum pump situation.
> Ed
> On 5/15/06, TooManyAudis at <TooManyAudis at> wrote:
>> Wondering if anyone has BTDT w/ cruise control problems on a '91  Avant.
>> I've checked fuses, tested the throttle servo w/ vacuum, tested  the
>> brake and clutch switches to ensure they hold vacuum and dump  vacuum
>> when depressed.  I teed the line from the pump and it makes  slight
>> vacuum when setting cruise or hitting resume, but not much.   I'd go
>> through the test procedure in the Bentley book, but I can't even  find
>> the damn cruise ECU control unit, and the manual (section 97) is  not
>> much help other than it's looks like it's somewhere under the dash  on
>> the passenger side..  It has to be the worst over-$100 manual  ever
>> published.
>> My wife has a bad knee and needs the cruise.   She's gonna give me one if
>> I don't get this fixed?  Any  suggestions?
>> Joe Mott
>> '91 200TQ Avant
>> I've had to replace the pump in my 200q.  Are you getting any  indication
>> that the pump is coming on at all?  Mine would hold on a flat,  barely,
>> but could
>> not keep up when hitting the accel mode, or on hills.  A  replacement 
>> pump
>> cure it.
>> I happen to have one that was sent to me to fix the cruise on my 88 80q
>> and
>> would be happy to sell it for what I paid.  Turned out to be the
>> brake  cruise
>> switch / valve thingy had worked its way loose, so it wasn't making  good
>> contact when the brake was in the upright position.  If I push up on  the
>> brake
>> pedal, the valve closes completely and I have cruise.  That may  be
>> something
>> to check as well.
>> -- Tom
>> 91 200q -- for sale.  check market for latest info.
>> 88 80q - still running after all these years...
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