Climate Control Issues.....

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Sun May 21 17:33:47 EDT 2006

From: Jim Fleischer

I just got my A/C recharged, and when idling or cruising with little 
throttle, no problems, just a faceful of nice cold air.  Hit the throttle, 
and the air goes from the center vents to the defrost, icing up the 
windshield after a little while.  Turn it off/on again, center vents 
working, hit the throttle and back to the defrost vents.  Any thoughts?


I had one of my 200q's do this and I always thought it was vacuum related. 
As I recall, I could cycle the temp setting from low ot high and back and it 
would restore the air to the correct location. I think it went away after I 
replaced the flap motor and blower motor, but I only had the car about 2 
weeks after doing that.


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