Selling avant

Danny Skala dannys at
Mon May 22 12:19:45 EDT 2006

200 20v Avant. New rack, tranny has 100k on it.  new valve cover gasket,
plugs, tranny mounts, subframe mounts, tie rods front and back. rear
rotors/pads new.   the bad no ebrake or AC ,needs tires and a few rust spots
touched up.  Front pads are due soon.  I have them.   $2500.00.   Pearl/grey
comfort seats.  Must sell quick as Im buying a TDI to commute in.   she has
been my daily driver(80 mile a day) gets around 22-23mpg pulls 1.7-1.8
still.   have reciepts starting at 40k.  Im the 3 owner.  Thought I try the
first as it's been a helpful tool.   so with some love she'll go another
100k easily.  can email pics

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