Where Have All the All-Season Tires Gone?

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Mon May 22 22:04:37 EDT 2006

If you're going to exceed 130 mph, why in the world would you want to use
an all-season tire?  Any all-season tire has to be a compromise from
whatever would be the better tire for summer and the better tire for
winter.   Seems to me like the 200q20v deserves better.

At 05:44 PM 5/22/2006 -0700, Steve Scalmanini wrote:
>I found out today that there are 0 ... as in zero, nada, zip, all-season 
>tires available now in the stock size (215/60 VR15) with the V rating.  
>SH#*!!!  What's a mutha to do other than go to larger D wheels?  What don't 
>you get at normal speeds (uhhh, under 75) with a lower speed rating?  

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