Where Have All the All-Season Tires Gone?

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Mon May 22 22:19:56 EDT 2006

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Subject: Where Have All the All-Season Tires Gone?

>I found out today that there are 0 ... as in zero, nada, zip, all-season 
>tires available now in the stock size (215/60 VR15) with the V rating. 
>SH#*!!!  What's a mutha to do other than go to larger D wheels?  What don't 
>you get at normal speeds (uhhh, under 75) with a lower speed rating?


You can use 225/60/15 or 205/65/15. Check your rear wheel wells for a 
wrinkle in the lining towards the top before you try to 225/60/15.  I just 
took off a set off 205/65/15 Conti Extreme Contact - they weren't a bad tire 
(came with the car) so I put them back on this spring after pulling the 
winter snows in the hopes of wearing them out. I succeeded when I managed to 
skid over 100ft on the fronts (deer) and flat spotted them - took 'em right 
down to the wear bars for about 10inches of rotation. The 225/50/16 Toyo 
proxies feel _alot_ better :-)

mike in montana 

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