Where Have All the All-Season Tires Gone?

Gary Anderson wanemardo at comcast.net
Mon May 22 23:24:59 EDT 2006

Hmmm, maybe I got some of the last Michelin all season tires last year from
the Tire Rack.  Suggest calling Tire Rack, ask for "Miles", very helpful,
and willing to look in inventory that may not be shown on their website.
Just a thought, he did right for me, no connection/interest, etc...
You can get an H rated tire, if a shop will mount them due to lawyers, etc.
Seems there is a liability issue for major shops to mount lower rated tires
than the OEM provided, hence the V rating for 200q20v's.
If you look at the tire specs, one thing that is an issue is the load rating
for say H vs. V rated tires of the same size.  Can influence handling
abilities (sidewalls, etc), and mileage depending on your individual fun
My two cents.
Gary A...

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>I found out today that there are 0 ... as in zero, nada, zip, all-season 
>tires available now in the stock size (215/60 VR15) with the V rating. 
>SH#*!!!  What's a mutha to do other than go to larger D wheels?  What don't

>you get at normal speeds (uhhh, under 75) with a lower speed rating?

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