plug wire issue

Mike Pshenishny r3dmist at
Tue May 23 12:52:32 EDT 2006

> I heartily recommend the Magnecor wires; not for any "performance"
> reasons, but because they are a fraction of the cost of Bosch wires,
> and near as I can tell....never go bad.  I think I have close to
> 80,000 miles on mine at the moment.  I clean the contacts on both
> ends every 10-15k or so, and I would check the resistance on
> them...never changed, so I stopped doing it.
> Brett

I heartily agree with Brett's recommendation.  I run Magnecors on both
my '91 200q20v and on my '88 944 Turbo, couldn't be happier with them
(though I haven't put as many miles on them as our admin here...)
Not sure where Brett got his, but I got mine from
~$52 shipped for the 944, $149.17 shipped for the 200

-Mike Pshenishny

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