Climate Control Issues

Kerry Griffith i2k at
Tue May 23 18:40:39 EDT 2006


I've dealt with precisely what you describe. Make sure the aux air flap 
is functional. Then check (or just replace) all the related vacuum 
lines (those that disappear into the firewall, for example). There's 
also at least one check valve in the system that prevents boost and 
vacuum from working at cross purposes.
Not that this is very helpful, but you don't need to turn the AC off- 
just back off the throttle to get out of the boost and you'll see the 
flow directed correctly. Not much good when climbing a long hill . . .

Or you could just buy my car that needs a head :-)    A/C has repaired 
vacuum plumbing, along with new compressor, evaporator, controller and 
everything else related.


From: "Jim Fleischer" <jim at>
Subject: Climate Control Issues.....

Hey All....

I seem to remember a recent post regarding climate control issues 
regarding center air vent problems.  Please forgive me, but I can't 
seem to find the thread, nor do I remember a solution to my current 
problem being posted.

I just got my A/C recharged, and when idling or cruising with little 
throttle, no problems, just a faceful of nice cold air.  Hit the 
throttle, and the air goes from the center vents to the defrost, icing 
up the windshield after a little while.  Turn it off/on again, center 
vents working, hit the throttle and back to the defrost vents.  Any 

Again, please forgive me if this was recently posted.

Best regards,

Jim Fleischer

'91 200 20V avant

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