Criuise Control (Surges)

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Wed May 24 22:26:53 EDT 2006

At 09:33 PM 5/24/2006 -0400, PeterBergin at wrote:
>Test it with a vacuum gauge, it can be cleaned. I test my 200 every year  and 
>the only leak that I have had in 200k miles is the line from the bypass  
>valve and the MM hose, (not counting the crank case breather that the PO  had 
>replaced at 60k.
>PS some where or someone has plans for a rubber plumbing cap and a tire air  
>stem that you clamp on the intake hose where it attaches to the air box.  I  
>followed the instructions and made one 5 years ago.  You pressurize it with  
>air compressor at 15 pounds and look for leaks.
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