Bronze Oil is never good

andyschlueter andyschlueter at
Thu May 25 12:33:35 EDT 2006

So yesterday i was waiting in traffic, and i started to pull forward, i
developed one nasty metalic hammering noise above 2000rpm. I know i have had
some lifter noise in the past and always went away. Somthing tells me this
is not just a lifter issue. We pulled the valve cover to fin about half of
my lifters are shot. Then we did a compression test to see if I had any bent
valves, all was good there. So i drained the oil and it was bronze colored
with little metal specs in it. 2 things in these motors have bronze in them,
valve guides and main bearings. I really hope it is valve guides for I am
about to drive 1,300 miles to Estes Park in CO. So fearing the pulling of my
crank, i pulled the side of the oil pan to check whats in the bottom end and
to check what i can find out. Today looks like i am pulling the pan to check
all my bearings.

Andrew W. Schlueter
'91 Audi 200tq20v Avant <> 

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