starting problem

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Fri May 26 15:03:27 EDT 2006

Steve Rissler wrote:
> Got a starting problem.  Most of the time, especially when it's warm out
> and the engine is cold, the starter cranks for about 5-7 seconds before
> barely catching.  It also does this when I start it in the morning, and
> the car is garaged.  But when the engine is moderately warm, it will
> start right up.  The car has always started right up before - not sure
> what has changed.  Could this be a sensor problem or a vacuum leak?

Probably a fuel "leak", in that either a) the injectors leak, so that
the fuel system does not hold pressure, or b) the check valve (near
the fuel pump) is shot, allowing fuel to seep back into the fuel tank.

When the engine is warm, the fuel hasn't had time to leak down, 
allowing the system to maintain enough pressure to start immediately.

Kent McLean
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