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Fri May 26 15:42:54 EDT 2006

Mine was the fuel pump check valve.

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> Steve Rissler wrote:
> > Got a starting problem.  Most of the time, especially when it's warm out
> > and the engine is cold, the starter cranks for about 5-7 seconds before
> > barely catching.  It also does this when I start it in the morning, and
> > the car is garaged.  But when the engine is moderately warm, it will
> > start right up.  The car has always started right up before - not sure
> > what has changed.  Could this be a sensor problem or a vacuum leak?
> Probably a fuel "leak", in that either a) the injectors leak, so that
> the fuel system does not hold pressure, or b) the check valve (near
> the fuel pump) is shot, allowing fuel to seep back into the fuel tank.
> When the engine is warm, the fuel hasn't had time to leak down,
> allowing the system to maintain enough pressure to start immediately.
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