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Well, Using anther 3b bottom end. Ordered all new rod/main bearings, rings,
s4 mls head gasket, and all new stainless allan head bolts, 6 puck clutch
(made to replace stock disk). ARP stud kit from summit racing from the I5
desiel motor(same ARP stud 034 sells but cheaper), 7a cams, new lifters, and
all new seals. I also ordered a set of custom Magnecor 10mm wires, cost $168
with shipping. I have been using a TAP1 sport turbo for a while now (held
15psi to 7krpm with leaking incooler). Newer inntercooler. Thinking on
swaping on a RS2 turbo and manifold since I have the motor out. Got javads
old garret turbo he used to get 455.1 whp. Not sure if I want to build a new
exhaust manifold yet. I was talking with my father, he is always telling me
there is no use to upgrade a daily driver. Well last night I was chatting
with him, and he said since the engine is out why not build a monster. Just
thought it was funny.

Ya, some progress, cant do anything till Tuesday when all the parts show up.

Andrew W. Schlueter
'91 Audi 200tq20v Avant

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>So yesterday i was waiting in traffic, and i started to pull forward, i 
>developed one nasty metalic hammering noise above 2000rpm. I know i 
>have had some lifter noise in the past and always went away. Somthing 
>tells me this is not just a lifter issue. We pulled the valve cover to 
>fin about half of


The lifters would ALL have to be bad and I've really never heard a lifter
make a BANG sound.
scrapes and screeches etc is the usual sound you hear.

Bangs on the other hand tend to be rod bearings.

>my lifters are shot. Then we did a compression test to see if I had any 
>bent valves, all was good there. So i drained the oil and it was bronze 
>colored with little metal specs in it. 2 things in these motors have 
>bronze in them, valve guides and main bearings. I really hope it is 
>valve guides for I am

Actually the rods and mains have copper in them, in any case something is
self destructing inside the engine.

>about to drive 1,300 miles to Estes Park in CO. So fearing the pulling 
>of my crank, i pulled the side of the oil pan to check whats in the 
>bottom end and to check what i can find out. Today looks like i am 
>pulling the pan to check all my bearings.
Be advised- the stock rod nuts and bolts are ONE time use fasteners as are
the main bolts.
You might be able to get away with reusing the main bolts but the rods you
can't. Unless you're running non-Audi bolts ( stud or ARP rod bolts/nuts) if
you take them apart you'll need new ones.
I have a friend with a broken 928 engine because they reused the stock rod
nuts after replacing the rod bearings- one of the nuts backed off and spun
the bearing within 5,000 miles.
Seen it happen to a Hennessy built Viper engine too.


>Andrew W. Schlueter
>'91 Audi 200tq20v Avant
>www.westmotorsports.biz <http://www.westmotorsports.biz/>

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