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I think I used autofrost if I remember correctly.  It was about 3 years ago
and my AC was performing pretty miserably because it was low on refrigerant.
I just topped it off with some autofrost, I did not vacuum the system and
replace all of it.  3 years later it's still working great.  Unless you like
crappy AC performance I would not go the R-134 route....maybe with the siaze
of condensor that the UrS4 has it would be OK, but I know on my A6 and other
similar vehicles I have ridden in the R-134 systems just don't do as well as
your old 1970's Chevy that would freeze your butt out of the car.  The
autofrost is actually a little colder than the R-12.

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Hello all,

Anyone had to convert air conditioning system to R-134a or Duracool?.
Experiences thereof? Which one is better? As far as I know the type 44 used
R-12. Anyone still running on original R-12? Had a conversion to R-134a last
year. Everything still functioning well. I think car did not have air
conditioning function for 10 years. Any comment as what compressor to use.
Mechnic has informed me never had experience of changing the evaporator
coil. He had to change the high pressure line to a garage made copper line.

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