HVAC air flap stuck open?

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Wed May 31 13:12:34 EDT 2006

My understanding is that the "outside" door is supposed to close during A/C
operation so that you are not drawing warm outside air over the cold
evaporator coils.  The "outside" door shares a hinge with the "inside"
recirculation door into the cabin so that when one is open, the other is
closed.  When the "outside" door closes for A/C operation, the
recirculation door opens so that already cooled air in the cabin is drawn
over the evaporator coils and can be cooled further.

At 03:59 AM 5/31/2006 +0000, jalexmichaels at netzero.net wrote:
>After looking over various q-list sources, I am confused as to the proper 
>operation of the HVAC air intake doors.  The "upper" door under the hood and 
>wipers appears to remain open no matter what function, including off, is 
>set.  When is this door supposed to close?  Is it also supposed to have any 
>sort of debris or particle filter?
>I have started to look around the HVAC system more as there has been an 
>increase in fume smells coming from the system.  Could this door issue be 
>part of the problem?
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