HVAC air flap stuck open?

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Wed May 31 15:44:44 EDT 2006


things to check - valve cover gasket leaking motor oil, onto the rear 
of the engine block or onto the exhaust manifold, leak from the power 
steering rack doing the same, and finally, the 1st gear AC cutoff 
switch mounted on the right rear of the transmission (its the same 
part number as the backup switch)  mine was leaking transmission 
fluid through the sensor body onto the passenger catalytic convertor...


At 03:28 PM 5/31/2006, jalexmichaels at netzero.net wrote:
>More of an exhaust or burnt oil or pentosin smell, not fuel.
>1991 200 20v Q Avant Titan Grey
>1991 200 20v Q Avant Indigo Mica
>1991 90 20v Q Red
>1990 CQ silver (awaiting S2 engine transplant)
>1991 CQ silver  (potentially replacing the 1990 for  the transplant)
>1990 CQ red ( to part or not)

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