suspecting the TPS

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Wed May 31 16:24:00 EDT 2006

I sent a couple messages to this list yesterday that I just found out
are being blocked or something by some spamcop software.  Disregard
them if they do show up.  It was just me running my car out of gas and
jumping to extreme conclusions before figuring it out. =)

Anyway, I have a question regarding the throttle position sensor.  My
200q20v is chipped and puts out 1.8bar absolute.  The WG spring is
stock, as is the rest of it except for the Samco hoses.

What I experience is that on WOT, I'll be cooking along almost
satisfactorily (hehe) and when I let off the throttle I get a little
extra spike in power.  It's as if the potentiometer inside has worn at
the WOT point or something, if there is such a thing inside.  When I
first take off from a stop at WOT, it's quick as heck through the
first few gears and I don't notice this.  It's only at highway speeds
and such that I go from WOT to less-than-WOT do I notice this, altho'
it may happen other times.

Would this be indicative of a bad TPS?  My other question is can these
TPS be cracked open and soldered or otherwise DIY fixed like the
fewer-terminaled 10vt ones?



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