brake slave misery

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Thu Nov 9 17:27:05 EST 2006


What I did....I used the pressure bleeder to reverse bleed the Master 
and Slave.

I removed the Master Cylinder cap from the pressure bleeder so all I 
had was a hose end.

Because of tight confines, I cut a Sears 11mm flare nut wrench in 
half - just enough leverage to open and close the bleeder from above 
with my finger tips.  I opened the bleeder with a 11mm deep 6 pt 
socket, then put the flare nut wrench on it from above.
I used a turkey baster to remove brake fluid from the Master Cylinder 
.the reverse bleeding will push brake fluid from the pressure bleeder 
through the slave, then the master, then to the reservoir.

Put about half a liter of brake fluid into the Pressure bleeder, and 
put just enough pressure to get the fluid to start coming out of the 
hose, then clamped the hose with some Hose pliers - want to minimize 
the about of air I push into the line before the fresh fluid. Then I 
pressurized the Pressure bleeder to about 10psi.

Attach the hose end to the slave bleeder, open the slave bleeder 
using the flare nut wrench, and let the brake fluid flow....

Keep an eye on the level in the reservoir - be ready with the flare 
nut wrench on the bleeder and the hose pliers on the pressure bleeder..
If it works out correctly you should be able to close the bleeder, 
then release the pressure in the pressure bleeder without having the 
hose pop off the bleeder and dump brake fluid everywhere....



At 05:02 PM 11/9/2006, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>Thanks to Peter's suggestion, I managed to get the slave anchored down.
>Should reverse bleeding be necessry, or will using my pressurized brake
>bleeder do the trick?
>I'd much rather do the timing belt than this chore.
>At 09:20 PM 11/8/2006 -0500, Peter Schulz wrote:
> >Kneale:
> >
> >I replaced the slave cylinder on my 91q20v by working through the
> >drivers wheel well and from underneath (chassis supported by jackstands).
> >Through some trial and error, I was able to use a pry bar or
> >screwdriver to lever the slave into position.  This was easier after
> >lubricating the boot on the slave.  Once in position I used a philips
> >screwdriver to "find"  the retainer bolt position, and then was able
> >to hold the cylinder in position and swap the screw driver with the
> >retainer bolt.
> >
> >Definitely a three beer job - (leaving out all the cursing of course ;-) )
> >
> >Reverse bleeding the slave and master is another story...I ended up
> >dumping almost a can of ATE blue on the ground trying to get it done.
> >
> >Good Luck, this is definitely up there with a timing belt job in
> >terms of an Audi repair rite of passage.

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