Reason for selling car...interesting

suffolkd at suffolkd at
Sat Nov 11 11:58:19 EST 2006

 Here's an ad. No affliation, but the context of his reason for selling his 2001 S4 to keep his 19991 200 20V, is just priceless? -Scott by BOSTON classifieds:
 " This is a 2Bennett built Stage 3 500hp S4Q with RS4 body work and custom painted carbon fiber hood that has $45,000 invested- Reason for selling, I have a stage 3 '91 200TQ that i like a bit better and can't afford both. Car has 3K miles on motor since built. You name it, it has it besides a short shift kit i dont beleve in them- Can Send Pics - Call For Details Jon- 530 220 xxxx."
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