Fuel line...

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 12 18:46:52 EST 2006

I went with the 2 inch fuel line and quality clamp solution.  I have a hose 
shop that could fab it for about $20 once I get a spare ride up and running 
and can let the 200 sit for a while.  I also replaced the FPR while there as 
my car has been going through a bit of oil as well as 10-15% fuel usage 
variations on identical trips and I figured the FPR could be the culprit.  
Note to others, don't place too much force on the iso mounts that the FPR 
bolts up to, very fragile on prolly irreplaceable.

>How much did you pay for the line?  I think I saw prices come in around 
>$100 for oem, and been putting more and more parts in that are "only $100."
>My other difficualty is right now telling exactly where the leak is.  Odors 
>SEEM stronger in one area that another, and my only other data at this 
>point is others have had failure with the same hose.
>So far for me, no visible leaks, and no apparent dust accumulation to 
>indicate a leakage spot.
>Derek P

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