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Well, Ill tell you that I had been recently contimplating the same car....but found that similar (if not same or newer) year A6's could be had for very similar prices and IMHO will likely be very similar in cost to maintain (2.8's at least).

Although I like V-dub's a great deal, the '02-'03 Passat is not nearly as nice a car, nor as roomy so I've decided to go with another Audi for the "truckster" duty. 

Of course I've strayed a bit from the auto A6 idea now as I can't imagine living with an automatic (self- imposed phobia against not shifting AND auto tranny repair), so I find myself in an internal struggle between a 2.7T 6sp or to stay with the trusty I5 and do a nice URS4/S6. Hmmm

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The Wifey and I are getting close to buying a VW Passat Wagon 4Motion to
replace the A4 now that kid #2 will be arriving any day.  Will likely
end up being an '02 or '03, V6, auto.  Yes it's a little sluggish
compared to what I'm used to but should be fine for Family Truckster
Duty.  Any BTDT about people's experience with this car?  Any info


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