Speedo Bounce FIx

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Tue Nov 14 14:05:18 EST 2006

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Most  commonly it's the IC. I fixed mine about a year ago --after 
doing two  things. First-- was to run an extra ground wire as shown in 
the following  link.

I recently went through this "ordeal". Actually, the board fix was easy,  the 
removal of IC gave me some trouble [I needed to rotate east/west and  
north/south simultaneously].
I added a short [1/2"] piece of bare 22g wire to both of the suspect joints  
[I ohmed the 2 out and the bottom joint was the only bad one], in a sense 
adding  a spine to the joint. I also jumpered the joints as pictured. My pin 
solders  were ok, but, I added solder to the pins thenselves, making them a bit 
thicker  [I carefully Dremeled excess solder off], hopefully giving them better 
"bite" to  the female mate. 
Funny thing though, my clock illumination does not work with the lights on,  
but, does work with them off....obviously, I screwed something up. I really  
don't want to go back in there and I did fix the other wierd behavior, so I'll  
live with it.

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